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Open Floodgates – Let Youtube Send You Thousands of FREE Visitors!

This service is for crazy people and not normal folks. If you really want to take video marketing to absolutely insane levels then you are at the right place. 

I am talking about flooding your account with hundreds and hundreds of videos. I am talking of creating many Youtube accounts, filling them with videos – all of them linking to your money site or squeeze page.

Can you imagine how much traffic that is going to bring to your websites? If you haven't done video marketing at this level, then you probably have no idea. This is the stuff only blackhat marketers normally do. An ordinary marketer, who works from home, usually lacks the resources to scale it to this level – until now… 

Let me ask you a quick question – have you ever come across a thread at any forum where a blackhat marketer boasted of having hundreds or even thousands of videos on Youtube, which are bringing him tons of daily visitors, bringing him thousands of dollars in profits each month? 

To sprinkle salt on the wounds, this bright marketer might have shown you his screenshots of traffic and clickbank sales. 

Chances are that many of you may have come across such kind of threads, and must have just been left gaping at his achievements. You might have thought that this thing is completely beyond your skills and resources. You can never manage to have so many videos uploaded, bringing you this kind of traffic. You must have had the 'I wish I too could do something like that' moment. 

youtube marketing genius

Now is your golden chance...

Drive this point in your mind – there are 3 kinds of video marketers, as I discuss below. The first and the third kind make serious dough (thousands of $$$) while the 2nd kind may be just making peanuts.  

The first kind of video marketers are those big players who are well known in their niches. They are experts and masters. If they upload just a couple of videos on the video sites, people will go crazy and share them with others, bringing thousands of views to the videos in short period of time. Alas! Not everyone can be such a top-notch expert in a field to make people go bonkers over him/her.

The 2nd category of mediocre video marketers upload a few dozen videos and do some marketing to get traffic. These videos are so-so. They are not as brilliant or brimming with high-quality information to go viral. This category of video marketers may enjoy moderate levels of success in terms of getting traffic and driving sales. 

Now come to the 3rd exciting category. These are people who make a killing by publishing thousands of videos. They don't stop at 100 or 200. They keep creating new accounts and fill the accounts with 100's of videos (in different niches or same ones). Then make another account and so on…

After a period of time they would start getting crazy amounts of unstoppable traffic. The floodgates have opened and there is no stopping now. 

Imagine a person who has x number of Youtube accounts and the total number of videos in all his accounts are nearly 10,000 or some such huge figure. Don't you think he is making some serious money? 

But there is a big problem. Not everyone can do such kind of stuff. It is impossible to do it manually. And not everyone can afford to use the heavy tools required or invest the time and efforts needed. 

Even if you have got the tools, you also need patience, determination and consistency to keep using the tools till you have hundreds of videos published. Many people would just get bored within a few days and stop, even if they have all the heavy-duty tools at their disposal!


Our service helps you get into the 3rd category of video marketers so that you too can boast on forums that you are making $1000+ just from Youtube traffic. Best of all, our service packages are so affordable that anyone can give us a try and keep using our services for a long time till they are raking serious dollars. 

As I said in the beginning, this service is for crazy people. By the way, did you hear George Bernard Shaw's quote which goes something like 'All glorious human achievements have been made by the insensible man'. So, it pays to be crazy!

crazy video marketing


Sample Videos

More example videos here – Video1, Video2, Video3, Video4

 Our Packages for Every Pocket Size:
Enough said, let's get right down to business and discuss package details below… (Our packages start from very small one to monstrous ones, so that all pockets can afford them):

Package 1 – 12 Videos for $19
You mention your website URL and some keywords (optional). We create a Youtube  account, create 12 videos and then upload those to your account. We then send you the Youtube login details.

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Package 2 –120 Videos for $182

  • 120 Videos
  • Bookmark a few of your videos on social network sites
  • 100 links from Image sharing sites like Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr etc
  • 10,000 backlinks to all your videos, video profile pages for SEO benefit
  • Work is spread over 1.5-2 months

We creat anywhere from 2-6 Youtube accounts, create 500 videos and spread them across those accounts. We don't upload all videos at once, but spread the work over a period of 5-8 weeks to avoid spam flags at Youtube. We also build the backlinks as mentioned above. Then we forward you the login details of all the Youtube accounts, as well as report of the backlink work we have done.

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Package 3 – 400 Videos for $510

  • 400 Videos
  • Bookmark a few of your videos on social network sites
  • 300 links from Image sharing sites like Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr etc
  • 10,000 backlinks to all your videos, video profile pages for SEO benefit
  • Work spread over 4 month period

We create anywhere between 5-12 Youtube accounts, spread videos across these accounts. We spread the video publishing to a period of 4 months or a little more. We also build backlinks as mentioned above for SEO benefits. Then we forward you the login details of all the Youtube accounts, as well as report of the backlink work we have done.

This is like a 4 month service where each month an average of 100 videos are uploaded for you on Youtube. You don't have to do a thing and still enjoy some traffic from video marketing. The cost is unbelievably low (less than $1.5 per video!!!)

This service is suitable for those who have never tried video marketing and also for those who want to move from 2nd  category of video marketers to the 3rd one. 

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How It works:
Decide which package you want to go with. Place an order, then fill in the order form. Then I shall begin work on your order by creating multiple Youtube accounts for you, creating videos related to your niche and uploading to the accounts. We upload around 100-200 videos per account for the sake of security and also for better SEO benefits. 

So, suppose you order a package of 1000 video with us, we might make around 5-10 Youtube accounts(rough figure) for that. 

FAQ – Don't Skip This Section:
What Do I need from you?
After payment, send me your Paypal transaction id, your website URLs, few keywords to target (these are optional), email where I should send you report upon completion of order.

Which niches are not allowed?
We strictly do not deal with the following niches: adult/porn, dating, gambling, music/movies/celebrity, banking/finance/mortgage related, religion related niches, pork, tobacco/alcohol/drugs related and other controversial niches. 

What kind of videos do you make?
We mostly make videos from images and informative/promotional text related to your niche/topic. We choose copyright-free images so that there aren't any legal issues. Many people love videos which involve attractive images. 

For example – don't you think horse lovers would love to watch videos of lovely horses. Same goes for cat lovers. Same goes for people who are planning to travel to Italy and want to see the exotic locations of that place. 

Such videos have a chance of going viral as people may share them with others or on Facebook etc. However, keep in mind that some niches are more suitable for this kind of marketing than others.

Can you show examples of your videos?
Sure, here are a couple of videos (Some of these videos made by us and some not made by us but shown here for example purpose) – Video1, Video2, Video3, Video4

What is the turn around time?
Depends on the package. Package 1 takes around 10 days, package 2 takes around 4-8 weeks, package 3 may take around 4 months.  This may vary slightly due to other factors like number of orders in queue etc. However, we shall try our best to maintain the TAT around the specified times.

Will the videos have sound?
The videos we create and upload for you won't be having background sounds. I have published many such videos and never had a problem. It won't affect your conversion rates. These videos have much less file size and can be easily uploaded. 

How will I get traffic to my videos?
Youtube's traffic is ever increasing. Recently it reached the trillion views landmark. You can come across many videos which have got more than 100,000 views. As you are uploading many videos, you can expect a certain percentage of them to become popular. 

All videos have a list of 'Related Videos' displayed on the right side. Many people can click through to your videos from that list. You can also try to get your videos ranked in Google or Youtube searches for more traffic. 

Do you offer Video SEO service as well?
Yes, we do. If you want to have your videos rank highly in Google or Youtube search results, then we offer different link building packages which can help you get even more benefit from video marketing. Get details here – Video SEO Service